Welcome to Oxford Advanced Motorcyclist

Hello and welcome to the home of Advanced Motorcycling in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. We are a small friendly motorcycle group that are affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists(IAM). Our main aim is to promote safer riding and to equip riders with motorcycling skills for life.



Free Assessment Ride

If you are looking to improve your riding skills, then look no further. You canget yourself a free one to one assessment with an advanced observer. To claim your free assessment please contact us

Many people picture advanced riding clubs as being full of humourless, Pan European/BMW-riding fuddy-duddies wearing hi viz vests. We do have a few Pans and BMWs in the group and we welcome all types of motorcyclist, but we’re certainly not interested in taking the fun out of motorcycling. In fact, increasing your skills not only increases your safety and life expectancy, but is a whole lot of fun!

If you’re a biker you’ll know the sad statistics that we’re constantly being reminded of, but you may not know that if you reach the ‘advanced’ test level, you’re up to 66% less likely to be involved in a road collision. That’s got to be worth pursuing hasn’t it?


The bike section usually gets together once a month for a Sunday morning Rideout. Decent roads, a good laugh and, strangely enough, a fry-up nearly always features somewhere. Future Events